Converting A Shed To A Studio Apartment

da-shedWe remodeled a shed at our house. The intent was to convert the shed into a studio for my wife to work in.

At the start, the shed was bare bones, just studs and bare wood floors. I had a friend of mine, who is a contractor help us with the remodel. Before we started we would have not really used the shed as we had no purpose for it.

The remodel took about 10 days. It included: Insulating the walls, adding electricity and light outlets, in wall heaters, a sink, cabinets, countertops, drywall, painting, a dividing wall, new windows, and flooring. Throughout the remodeling process, I felt things were going well. Because the contractor was a friend I felt comfortable asking him questions about the process and timeline.

He also let me help out where I could to reduce the cost. The process of the remodel was relatively smooth. My wife was able to choose the particulars that she wanted from a long list of choices which have the studio a very personal feel. After the project was completed the building looked totally new. I was shocked that it could be made to look so nice. My contractor friend and his crew (with a little help from me) did a fabulous job.

My wife and I were able to add some finishing touches, such as coating the cambria quartz countertops (which we are in love with for obvious reasons) with a sealant and doing some additional painting. We have some additional plans for other portions of the house (kitchen, one of the bathrooms, and a secret reading room for our kids) and after the experience of the shed/studio remodel, I feel like these other projects will go really well.

A couple of weeks after the remodel of the shed was finished, we noticed some settling in the drywall. I called my friends and he told me that it’s normal for things to settle a bit and after a year it should stop and then he would come by and patch it up where needed. Which he did and we couldn’t be happier.