Planning Ahead For College helped Me Tremendously

I applied for the Earl & Patricia Armstrong scholarship through the united negro college fund the summer before my sophomore year. One of my favorite things about applying for this scholarship is that all you have to have is a 3.0 or higher GPA, have a major in biology or pre-medicine, and have already filled out the FAFSA. The last piece was to make sure that your family income was below the living standard. The process was very straightforward. The best part about this scholarship program is that there is no deadline and always available. After I sent my initial information, I received a letter in the mail a week later asking me to verify that I am who I am, and copies of me and my parents financial information. Getting the financial information was a bit of a pain, but that is a standard for all scholarships. After I sent all the necessary paper work out, I had to patently wait for an answer. There was no more additional paper work sent out, which worried me initially because other scholarship programs I heard of constantly sent paper work out. It took them about a month to get back to me and inform me that I have been approved for the scholarship for a total of $3000 per semester because both my parents are disable and unable to work, so the income comes in way below the standard acceptance. I also have a 3.67 GPA and a 3.4 on my science related classes. This helped a lot as it covered 30% of my tuition cost for the semester and was approved for both semesters. College education is very important, but can be very expensive even when going to a low cost institution. However, the Earl & Patricia Armstrong scholarship helped me pay some of the cost of the tuition. They did not care how much I was getting from other scholarship I had from rollnzoom. My biggest complaint would be the lack of communication can be a bit worrying, but as long as everything works out in the end I don’t care. I have applied for the scholarship again in my junior year and was improved faster than before.