Juicing The Produce I Grow On The Farm

Farm fresh vegetable are so good for you and your juicer.A few years ago I became very interested in eating (and drinking) healthy. My fathers side of the family are all considered obese and, because of this, have diabetes and heart problems.

One of the first things you learn when researching how to be more “health conscious” is the benefit of juicing. Buying drinks that are pre-made is usually the more expensive route (in the long run), and the drinks often contain higher levels of sodium and sugar than you would expect. If you are trying to be healthy then why would you want that?

I decided, instead, to purchase a juicer and grow my own fruits and vegetables to help me avoid the family curse of obesity. Having an uncle that lives on farmland made it easy to procure my own produce. Throwing carrots, beets, tomatoes and various fruits in the juicer was a very satisfying experience. Not only did the drinks make me feel better, but watching the solid foods liquefy was fun in itself.

You start to become more and more conscious of the foods you put in your body. If you are taking the time to carefully juice your own drinks, you realize that you should do the same with what you eat, as well. After awhile it just becomes second nature. You wake up in the morning, reach into the crisper drawer, head over to the counter and juice some vegetables without even thinking about it.

You can start to see the benefits in your everyday life. More energy, healthier looking skin/hair and an overall sense of well-being were readily apparent to me. After a week or so you become rather adept at finding the right combinations and quantities of fruit and vegetables needed in order to make a tasty, healthy treat. The best thing you can do for yourself is purchase a juicer and give it a try. It can’t hurt to try.